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Categories: Health

Q. I’ve heard unfounded rumors that grapes and avocados are toxic for dogs. What do you think?
I have been hearing a lot of unfounded rumor on grapes and avocado and I am wondering why not what is wrong with these? Grapes is one of the fruits that Ian Billinghurst mentions in the barf diet and I believe sold gold health makers of Hunden Flocken and Sea meal to name a few products I am using use Avocado in one of their treats.


A. I don’t believe these are unfounded rumors. It’s well documented that grapes and avocados CAN cause health challenges in dogs. This doesn’t mean that all dogs will have an issue and it may be that a small amount of these foods won’t cause a perceptible problem but why take the chance? Since no one can agree on how much it takes to cause a toxic reaction I choose not to risk my dogs’ health.

Here’s a list we have compiled of toxic foods
I hope this helps.

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