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Categories: Health

Q. I’ve been trying to clear up my rescue dog’s allergies. I feed a raw diet and give a couple of well known supplements but she’s still got issues, am I missing something?

I have a 4 year GSD. Female spayed. I feed her raw. In fact, I have fed raw for over 10 years. I have had this girl for 1 ? years and have not vaccinated her-I titer-in spite of my vet?s objections.

She came to me with several issues. Most I have cleared up. One I have only partially cleared. The tips of her ears get little bump like things that can be pulled right off hair and all. Its right down to the raw flesh. So she ends up with ragged looking ears. I have tried many remedies-but nothing seems to help. In addition, to her raw food she also gets fish oil, ****mix and ****** Plus daily.

Can you think of something? She no longer tests positive for yeast or fungus. She was full of it when I rescue/bought her.

No mites. She does have allergies and I have relented to allergy shots-but I don?t know if they help her.

Anyway, I am reading like mad and will be ordering a few items next week. I wish I would have found you earlier. The breeder I am working with listed you on her resource site.

(******name brand of supplement removed)

A. I’d cut out the extra supplements, the only supplement I’d give a dog like this is salmon oil and vitamin e. Make sure you are using salmon body oil and not cod liver oil.

****mix is full of ingredients that are known to cause issues with dogs, alfalfa, flaxseed, brewers yeast…. I’d get her off that right away. Same story with ******. I have never been a fan of multi ingredient supplements like these products, they are full of stuff that can cause sensitivities. Raw food and a few single ingredient supplements usually work best. If she is still having issues after a month or two being off of those 2 supplements, then I’d look into our Chinese Herbs (formulated by a holistic vet).

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You may also want to evaluate the diet you have your dog on, certain protein sources can actually cause her inflammation to be worse.

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