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Categories: Schutzhund Protection Work

Q. My SchH III female won’t bark when someone is at the door. What can I do?
I have just purchased an adult GSD who has earned her Schutzhund III title ten times. She also has earned FH title. In addition she has been surveyed with result "KKL1."

She is truly a very well behave dog, very great temperament. The only problem is since her first day with me, I never heard her bark, not even once. When somebody came and knocked the door of my house, she just laid down on the floor as if she didn't care. When I look at her report card on her Schutzhund test, the last time she took her Schutzhund test was on 1998. Could the time lapsed since her last Schutzhund test make her lose her protection instinct? Can you suggest something or any videos that I can purchase to help her so that she can return to her protection instinct...? I just want her to be more sensitive and bark when someone come to my house.


A. It sounds like you have a very nice female.

People new to dog training and the sports, do not understand that Schutzhund is a sport. It is not training for personal protection.

Your dog has very good nerves. Dogs with good nerves who have never had specialized PP training will often not look at strangers as a threat. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. A dog with weak nerves is a sharp dog, one that barks quickly at sounds outside etc. A dog with good nerves is not bothered with strange sounds.

This does not mean that a dog with good nerves can not be trained as a personal protection dog or a police dog (although I am not a fan of females as police dogs). They can be trained for the work. Once they understand the task they make very solid safe personal protection dogs.

I would recommend that you take some time and read the list of training articles on my web site. There are articles there on SHARP dogs.

I would also recommend that you get my training video The First Steps of Defense. This is the kind of work that needs to be done in the beginning with your bitch. How far you take it will depend on your needs, the skill of the people helping you, the quality of your dog and your ability to handle a dog.
Recommended Products
The First Steps of Defense
The First Steps of Defense
2 Hours
Training Defense is the most misunderstood area of protection dog training. This is evident by going to any Schutzhund trial or looking at half of the Police Service dogs in this country. This training video is intended to help new (and old) trainers. Many experienced trainers get caught up in traditional sport dog training, which is weak in the defensive areas of training. This video will help all trainers recognize and get a dog started in the training of its defensive drive. The goal of the training is to bring a young dog further along in its fight drive development.

The Power of Playing Tug w/ Your Dog
The Power of Playing Tug w/ Your Dog
5 Hours, 25 Minutes
This is another DVD that is done with Michael Ellis. It teaches trainers in a step by step manner how to use a toy as a reward in training your dog. It teaches dogs to OUT when asked and to bring the toy back when its released and it is all done with motivational methods.


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