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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. In Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner DVD, you state to use a NO command followed by a NICK. Wouldn't this be teaching my dog that she has two chances to comply?
Good morning, Ed.

I have a 22 month old GSD and have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She is obedience trained and has been trained in personal protection the past 8 months. I have purchased your Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner DVD and a Dogtra ecollar. I have conditioned my dog to the collar as you recommend, and I am viewing the DVD a second time before actually training with the collar. I am confused on something you say in the video. You state that if a command is given and the dog refuses to comply, a "No" command is then given, and if the dog still does not comply, a nick is given within 1 1/2 seconds. If I follow this, wouldn?t I be teaching my dog that she has two chances to comply and that she will only be nicked if she refuses twice? Thanks for you help.


A. First, thanks for your business.

Good question – shows you're thinking.

The concept is that the dog should never have a stimulation from a collar unless it 100% knows the command. Collars are not used in the learning phase.

So when you give a command, IE "COME," and the dog blows you off, you simply say NO and NICK the dog. A point that could be better said in the DVD is that the NICK comes after the NO but no less that ½ to 1 ½ seconds after. Fact is the best is within ½ second. The concept being the dog needs to comply because it knows if it doesn't, it knows you’re ALWAYS going to say NO and then NICK.

If you really want to get a clear understanding of the collar training you may want to also think about the three Video on Demand chapters (4 ½ hours) I have done with Michael Ellis. This is not about me trying to sell you videos, rather it’s about the handler knowing 110% of the concept of using it.

Think of it like this, if you were to put the collar on your neck and then hand the transmitter to your wife, would you want her to 110% know and understand the principles and concepts of how to use it? I think so. 

Ed Frawley

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