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Q. My GSD will chase down my other dog and sack her when they are running. I’m considering using the ecollar, but I don’t want to diminish her prey drive. Is it OK to use the collar for this?
Dear Ed and Cindy,

I have a problem occurring between my 8 MO. GSD, and my 1 YO. Siberian Husky. This problem only occurs when I'm at the off leash dog park with them. The problem is when my husky starts getting ahead of my GSD, my GSD will chase her down and sack her. By the time my GSD catches up to the husky, they are traveling pretty fast. This is not a mutual, back and forth game that they play. It seems as if my GSD is preying, or maybe she just wants to be in control. Either way, I don't want it happening. I don't want to extinguish her prey drive. I'm considering using an electronic collar, but I'm not sure when the correction should be given, and if I should use an avoidance correction or what. My question is this, do you think this is an OK circumstance under which to use an electric collar?

A. I have 2 dogs that behave this way. My young male “t bones” my older female when we are out on a walk off leash.

I use the ecollar for this, whenever my male stops and locks his attention on to my other dog or starts running at her, I say NO and use the collar. This won’t have any effect on prey drive, this is a dominance thing between dogs and it’s actually how my dogs have injured themselves in the past.

If you haven’t used a collar before, I’d recommend viewing Electric Collar Training for the Pet Owner.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes


Dear Cindy,

Thank you very much for your insight! I wasn't sure if I would find anyone who has had the same experience as me, and would know how to deal with it, but you came through in a clinch!

Thank you so much.

- Sam
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