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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. The ecollar I bought has a DVD and I was wondering how it compages to your ecollar DVD.

Thanks for the informative web site. Before I was told about your site I had purchased a sportdog brand, FieldTrainer 400s e-collar. I want to purchase a few of your DVDs and was wondering about the e-collar training one. The collar I bought has a DVD and I was wondering how it compares to your e-collar training video. I was gonna buy your set of 3, set # 4005 until I remembered the DVD in the collar box. If they are close I would still buy the other 2 DVDs from you or if it's not I would buy all 3. I have'nt used the collar yet at all, just charged to make sure it worked, I want to make sure I do it right. I have a 6 month old Rott. in his second obedience class now. If you could help it would be great.


A. Since I haven’t ever watched the DVD that comes with any electric collars, I can’t really compare.

My guess is that it will fall short.

Here is an excerpt from the webpage for our video Electric Collar Training for the Pet Owner.

I hope this helps!

This DVD is 2 hours, 45 minutes and teaches pet owners how to safely and effectively train their dogs with low level stimulation from a remote trainer.

The video is not brand specific. In other words, it does not matter what brand or model of electric collar you own. I will show you how to determine the level of stimulation fits your dogs temperament with the collar that you have chosen to train with.

Until now there has never been a training DVD that makes sense which teaches pet owners the concepts of remote collar training. The electric collar DVDs that manufacturer ship with their remote collars videos are useless. These manufacturers DVDs are based on old school training techniques that use "escape training methods."

Our DVD fills the void that has existed in the electric collar training business.

Cindy Rhodes

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