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Categories: Bottle Feeding

Q. I'm using your bottle feeding recipe. At first I used fresh goats milk, but am now using milk replacer powder. The puppies seem to not like the formula now. What should I do?

I have 2 orphaned Rottweiler puppies that were born to a 2 year old mother that refused to care for her puppies. They are my friend's puppies. She's not able to care for them with her work schedule, so I'm helping her out with caring for them. It's what I love to do... I just love my puppies. I raise Golden Retriever pups but have never had an issue with my mother refusing her babies as these two have been by their mother.

Anyways, when I got the puppies the first thing I did was google how to hand raise pups and found your awesome receipe. When I received the pups she gave me a gallon of fresh goats milk and a bucket of goat milk replacer powder. When I started using the receipe I used the whole goats milk and everything was good, but now I had to make up the powder milk and they're acting like they don't like the formula and are pushing the nipples away. The female is acting strong and is still eating, although not as good as before but the male is refusing it. What should I do? I'm trying to find some more goats milk but just wondering if you have any advice I can do to try and get him to accept the formula as it is. This AM I made up the evaporated milk receipe so I'm trying it that way also. He's just a bit more weaker then the female and it's concerning me. How often should I be trying to get droppersful into him? He's not dehydrated as of yet. I just don't want him to get worse. She's eating ok and is packing on the weight. He's a bit smaller. Is this common for a change in milks to go through some refusal? Any advice would be wonderful. I really pray he makes it.

Thanks for your wonderful site and advice I've gotton off the feebacks on your site, but I just have this unusual problem and wanted to see what you'd do. It has to be from going from whole goats milk to the powder goats replacer, as that's the only change that I had to make. I did this yesterday and that's when his eating changed. Just wondering what you would do. He was gulping it down Friday but not Saturday. They are now going to be 2 weeks old on Monday and have been on your formula since day 2.

Thanks again,

A. Most puppies don’t like powdered milk, get the pups back on goat milk. I'd refer you back to our bottle feeding page. You can buy goat milk at WalMart.

I can’t tell you how often to feed or how much, there is a chart on the page that goes by weight of the puppy.

We have an article on the website about sick pups. There may be info there that can help.

For future questions, you might benefit from learning to use our SEARCH function, which is located in the top left corner of every page of the website. If you type in your key words or question it will find you articles, Q&As, free streaming video and links to threads on our discussion forum. Our website has over 16,000 pages and it’s very likely you’ll find the information you are looking for. I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes
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