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Q. My 2 year old GSD has become leash aggressive to other dogs over the last 6 months, would the ecollar be effective for this problem?

I have a 2 year old GSD (working line) with a high prey drive, strong nerves, yet a temperament on the softer side. Over the past 6 months, she has become leash aggressive (barking during our walk) at certain dogs - not all & hard to predict. This is despite us crossing the street well in advance to be as far away from the passing dog as possible and a strong pop correction on a prong collar (as strong as I can give - my weight is about 25 more pounds than my dog). She usually obeys me & stops barking, however not immediately 100 % of the time. She is never ever aggressive toward me, my family & my other dog nor visitors to our home (including friend's dogs). In fact, we call her the Gentle Giant (95 lbs).

Prior to discovering your website I used to take her to dog day care as a pup (as advised by her trainer) until she "accidentally" got bit - small, but bite nonetheless (about 4 months into day care). Needless to say after the bite, I never took her back. She did not display any leash aggression until more recently (6 mos ago). A few months after her bite I discovered your website & have since avoided dog parks too. A dog walker walks her twice a day without other dogs while I am at work. My next plan is to purchase an electric collar & e collar video from your website unless you have another suggestion. I want the dog to learn she can trust me as her pack leader when another dog walks by as I am sure this is my fault (such as from the day care over a year ago).

Thank you

A. I think the ecollar may be a good step but I'd work her with a dominant dog collar first. The prong collar typically stimulates aggressive behavior, so if your dog is noticing another dog and starts to bark & then you use the prong you will actually be making her more reactive.

I'd recommend using a dominant dog collar instead and the video Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs.

The ecollar could be introduced away from distractions, to reinforce obedience. I wouldn't use it for dog aggression, at least in the beginning. The reason is that the ecollar can also stimulate the dog in the presence of other dogs unless she's become fluent with the ecollar away from distractions first.

If this was my dog, I'd work her on the dominant dog collar right now, but do the collar conditioning away from all distractions separately. I hope this makes sense!

Cindy Rhodes
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Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs
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