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Q. What's the shipping stress on a new puppy? I'm getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.
What is the shipping stress on puppies? I will be getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air. The flight should only be one to one and a half hours.

A. I'm not sure how you would measure stress. You can never truly know if the experience has changed a pup in any way.

I do know that many pups are shipped with no apparent long term issue. I also know that some pups are traumatized by the experience. Since you can't possibly know what happens (rough baggage handlers, etc) & 8 weeks is a known "fear period" for young pups, it's one of those things you sometimes have to gamble on.

Personally, I won't ship puppies I've purchased for myself, unless it's somewhere I can't drive to pick them up (i.e. Europe). I want to know what experiences my puppies are having so that means driving to get them.

It's really a question without a clear answer.

Good luck with the new puppy.

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks. I had thought of picking my puppy up, but the breeder said I shouldn't because I would be risking it getting exposed to disease at potty areas in rest stops, etc.

  Follow-Up Response:

I don't stop at rest areas with puppies, I stop at areas that don't have high traffic for travelers. (i.e. churches, schools, grocery store, strip malls, anywhere I see a patch of good grass for potty stops).

I'd take my chances with potty stops over airlines and their handling of a living thing, but that's me.

Cindy Rhodes
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