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Q. I'm getting a pup from a breeder and just found out the pups have diarrhea & one pup died. Should I be worried about getting a puppy from this litter?
First, I have read your advice for hours and I have purchased a number of your DVDs and equipment. Your site is beyond impressive.

In doing all my research on working dogs/pup selection, I felt like I found a solid breeder that had a certain pair whose litter would have the potential I desired.

The litter was born in October and I've been investing and preparing for my pup's arrival. Unfortunately, I was just informed by the breeder that the litter as a whole developed a case of diarrhea and their vet provided medication. I was then told they lost the most promising male (breeder's opinion), but the other pups seemed to be coming out of the sickness.

Should I be worried about the sickness and loss of a pup and be staying away from this litter? What's the largest number of promising pups you've had in a litter, is there still hope that I will have a promising male to choose from? That's if I can feel comfortable after what has happened to the litter.

Thank you

A. I think that I would direct you to the vet and the breeder of this litter. We have no way of knowing the seriousness of the illness. Was it a bacterial infection, parvo, etc?? Puppies get diarrhea all the time, but that's merely a symptom of something else. I'd want to know specifically what caused it if I was a puppy buyer.

As far as how many promising pups, that is also something we can't know. Since this is not my litter and I have no way of seeing them it would be guesswork to try to predict.

If you are really uncomfortable with taking a pup from this litter then I would speak to the breeder about your concerns. As a breeder myself, I would not want someone going elsewhere for advice about my litter of pups. You should have enough trust in your breeder to have an open and honest discussion about this with them.

Good luck, I hope it all works out the way you want it to.

Cindy Rhodes
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