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Q. What do you suggest for training a 9 month old Lab who jumps on people when they first come in the house?
I have a 9 month old Lab that is super excitable and jumps all over anyone when they first come in. Family members, strangers, delivery men, it makes no difference.

I?ve been trying to teach him to do a down stay when I answer the door but he is so hyper! He does pretty well when it?s just me at home and we practice this but as soon as the kids come home from school he?s all over the place! What do you suggest?

A. We like to use an elevated bed of some type for reinforcing the stay and at first we don’t do this without a leash or long line on the dog. You need some way to guide him into making the right choices. The elevated bed is a more clear signal to the dog to stay. It’s very obvious to dogs when they are on the bed and when they are off. If you are trying to do this on the floor it’s very easy for dogs to get distracted and forget what they are supposed to be doing. We first teach the dog a system of communication called marker training and then we incorporate markers into household obedience. You can learn more about this by watching The Power of Training Dogs with Markers and The Power of Training Dogs with Food. We also have some videos showing how to teach the dog to accept the bed and how to stay on it. Here is one of them:

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