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Q. How do I teach the stay command to my dog?
Hi Cindy,

I've purchased all of the Ellis DVDs and the Basic Dog Obedience DVD and the Marker Training DVD but still am unsure how to train the basic "stay" command - whether in a sit or down. All of the DVDs seem to assume the "stay" command has already been taught to the dog. Anyway, please help me re: how to teach the "stay" command so that I can move on to some of the more skilled obedience commands in the DVDs with my Dutch Shepherd.

Thank you!

A. The stay command is something that you teach by simply building duration of whatever position you are working on.

For example, when the dog has mastered the sit you then simply ask for more and more time before the release. You can use good for reinforcing the duration.
I don't use a command for stay, once the dog understands sit or down and I've worked duration then it becomes clear to the dog you hold the position until released or asked to perform another behavior.

you can use touch pads to help the dog hold the position at first if you need to. If you have built value into the touch pads properly the dog will be glad to stay on them.
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