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Q. My 6 month old bites me when I put on his leash, what can I do?
Thank you for your website-it's terrific.

My German Sheppard puppy was very bitey and we used your website's recomendations to curb it. He's mostly grown out of it at 6 months BUT whenever I put his leash on or off his mouth is all over my hands/forearms. Not aggressively but very annoying. I've tried increasingly harder corrections (No! or a hard pop on the leash) and this will work but only for that instant. The next time he's biting me again. Any suggestions to help this?
Thank you very much.

A. Give him an alternate behavior to do when you put his leash on, like giving you eye contact. many dogs like the physical interactions that we see as corrections. He’s mouthing you because he’s excited, so teach him some self control.

When your dog (AND YOU) know and understand markers you are going to be able to tell him the EXACT instant he does something correctly or just as important the exact instant he does something wrong.

Markers opens a level of communication between you and your dog that was never available when we all started training dogs many years ago. We have a free 85 Page eBook titled THE POWER OF TRAINING DOGS WITH MARKERS. It’s on the web site in the list of eBooks on my web site. This is the place to start.

I would also recommend you go to the free streaming videos on the web site and watch the lecture of Michael Ellis where he talks about his philosophy of dog training. Not only will you learn a lot you will understand why we are doing a series of training DVDs with Michael.

I would also read our biting puppies article.

For future questions, you might benefit from learning to use our SEARCH function, which is located in the top left corner of every page of the website. If you type in your key words or question it will find you articles, Q & A’s, free streaming video and links to threads on our discussion forum. Our website has over 16,000 pages and it’s very likely you’ll find the information you are looking for. I hope this helps.

Good luck,
Cindy Rhodes
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