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Categories: Electric Collar Training

Q. My dogs fight as soon as I turn my back. Would it help to put shock collars on both of them so they wouldn't fight?
Hi Cindy,

I wanted to get your opinion, and Ed's on my two females who hate each other (the mother/daughter). I updated you previously that they get along as long as we are outside and are playing ball. As soon as I ignore them to do something else, they will start circling eachother and then I have to get their attention with the balls again.

In the trailer, they will fight between closed doors; the daughter will now ignore the mother when I call her when her mother is inside the bedroom growling and barking at the door.

My question is: Would it help to put shock collars on both of them in the trailer so they wouldn't door fight?

They also maintain composure if one is in the outdoor kennel and the other is on the outside of the kennel. I can redirect them with food and/or ball if they decide to bark or growl.

Thank you very much!


A. Hi Tina,

I would probably try a 2 dog electric collar, but use it in other applications as well as for correcting the behavior of showing aggression at the door. The reason I say that is because when dogs aren't fluent with the ecollar and the first time it's used while the dog is in an aggressive frame of mind, it can escalate the aggression instead of minimize it. I would actually use it to reinforce an obedience command like COME so instead of just zapping them for growling at the door, you can give them a chance to do something positive (like come to you) and then if they do not comply you have a way to reinforce your voice command.

I use the Dogtra 282NCP on my 2 Malinois, I like the small size of the receiver on the collars and it has been quite dependable. I like being able to control both dogs with one transmitter also.

If you don't already have the dvd on how to use the collar, I would make sure you get that and watch it first.

I hope this helps.


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