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Categories: Health

Q. My pup drinks way, way too much water. She will empty her water bowl and lick it dry 3 times a day. What can I do?
I have taken my puppy to the vet for the first 2 check ups and shots...we have done many numerous, numerous blood, urine, fecal tests because of the amount of water she is drinking and all tests have come back pretty normal. One came back a little high on some kind of liver count. They said it wasn't something that they would say I should worry about yet because it was only border line but they are going to monitor it on all her check ups to make sure it doesn't get worse. They did not think that that was the reason I am having problems with her water though. Her eating is a normal puppy appitite...she eats like a champ! She is a Weimaraner/Dobe mix and 10 weeks old and about 16-17 lbs right now. Very stocky & muscular and has a ton of energy. I normally will fill her water bowl halfway sometimes a little less maybe 2- 2 1/2 cups and she will not leave it until it is empty and it is a fairly large water bowl (it would easily hold 6 cups to the brim). I know that it is normal for puppies to eat and drink a lot but she seems to be over doing it. She licks the bowl dry and stands waiting as if she wants me to fill it again and ...I don't because her stomach already looks like it is going to pop and gets really tight and hard. I will usually wait an hour for her to get the bowl back. The way she is drinking makes it hard for me to keep up with her potty training as well. I take her out about every 15 minutes to a half an hour and she's peeing constantly in and outside the house. I have had to gate off my hallway so that she can't get to the bathroom because she will after finishing the bowl run down to the bathroom and bark at the shower. She found that there was little water left in the bottom sometimes and licks it up if she gets the chance. We started closing the door but she started digging at the carpet to get in. This seems abnormal to me. I don't feel deprive her of water and I'm just wondering how much water should I give her. Everyone I talk to says that I should constantly have water for her out on the ground because their kidneys are developing but I'm not so sure with her that's a healthy idea. She blows up like a little balloon. I feel she gets too much water at one time already but I feel guilty cause she really seems thirsty even after 3 cups. I don't even drink three cups ...maybe in one day but not at one time! Like I said the vet after 2 visits seems to think that she is healthy by all the tests he has run on both visits. What kind of water schedule should I put her on and how much should I give her without feeling guilty of depriving her? I don't feel I am ...I feel 2 cups an hour is more than enough for a puppy, but I've been told I'm wrong and not to take the bowl away. Help!

A. I would start by looking for a new vet for a second opinion. I would make sure the vet had an ultrasound machine . I would have the dogs kidney’s checked with the Ultra sound.

I would also worm the pup and put it on an all-natural diet. I sell a small book Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.

Probably the most important thing you can do is NOT VACCINATE THIS DOG ANYMORE!!!!!
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