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Categories: Health

Q. I have 2 white Shepherds With Perianal fistulas. Do you think that changing to the all natural diet will help my dogs?
Hi Cindy,

I have two dogs with Perianal Fistulas. Both are White German Shepherds, Mother and Daughter. I am thinking of switching them over to the all natural diet and buying your DVD to help the transition for us. We have always fed Solid Gold being told it was the best out there for our dogs, but something is wrong, last year we had to put a dog down with SIBO (only 22 months of age.) She basically starved to death from the overgrowth of bacteria in her gut. She had Perianal Fistulas as well, she was a cousin to my other two females. I know that genetics play a role in Perianal Fistulas, but there has got to be an environmental component to this for all three of these dogs to have come down with this. I am just sick about all of it.

I won't keep you, but wonder if you think that changing over to the all natural raw diet will help my dogs? Thank you so much.


A. It's my understanding that Perianal fistulas are an immune problem. I would NEVER vaccinate these dogs again, no matter what. Order the book called "Shock to the System" to see why.

I would also try to find a way to build up the immune system and switching to a natural diet would be highly recommended. It may take a very gradual switch, because of the pre existing problems your dogs already have. You may need to consult with a holistic vet or a homeopath. Very few allopathic vets know how to get to the bottom of problems like this. They merely give more drugs and meds to cover the symptoms, not solve the real issue at hand.
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