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Bear Spray with Holster
Bear Spray with Holster
Bear Spray with Holster
Bear Spray with Holster
Bear Spray with Holster
Bear Spray with Holster

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If you walk your dog in areas where there are aggressive stray dogs that run loose carrying a can of bear spray could help protect you and your dog from a dog attack.

Pepper spray does not work 100% of the time. With this said it is better than nothing and can be very effective in driving off aggressive strays dogs (or aggressive people). If I were a women who lived in a neighborhood where personal security was an issue I would carry a can of bear spray when I walked my dog. If the police asked what it was for I would tell them it was to protect myself from Grizzly bears - even in downtown Manhatten :-) One never knows where bears hide these days.

  • Hottest Available
  • Only University Tested Bear Spray 1980-1986.
  • Developer of atomized spray technology used in all bear sprays.
  • 1st EPA registered - Established industry standards 1997.
  • Recipient of the Grizzly Bear Stewardship Award 1998.
  • Exceeds Bear Biologist Recommendations
Produced by a Grizzly Encounter Survivor

Counter Assault was developed in conjunction with a research study at the University of Montana that included bear biologists and then was extensively field tested by wildlife management specialists. During the development stages, Counter Assault carefully listened to wildlife management specialists, outfitters and individuals that were involved in bear encounters. During the original testing, recommendations were established based on their experiences with black and grizzly bears. Testing was performed on extremely agitated bears that were removed from our parks and forests for being too aggressive. Counter Assault has continued to monitor the suggestions and recommendations from bear experts who work for our state and federal agencies and have reaffirmed these recommendations over the past 20+ years.

  EPA Requirements Recommendations Suggested by Bear Biologists and Wildlife Specialists. Counter Assault
Minimum Net Weight 7.9 oz.
225 gr.
7.9 oz.
225 gr.
8.1 oz.
230 gr.
% Capsaicin & Other Capsaicinoids 1% - 2% 1% - 2% 2.0%
Derived from oleoresin of capsicum Required Recommended


Megaphone Shaped Cloud Spray Pattern Required Recommended Yes
Minimum Range (Reason) **N/A** 25 ft. 30 ft.
Time of Continuous Spray (Why?) **N/A** 6 seconds 7.2 seconds
**N/A** The EPA does not have established minimums or maximums for spray range or time of continuous spray. However, registrants must submit data on the spray pattern of the products to include distances and seconds of effective spraying. This information is required to be on the label.

The above chart reflects recommendations as suggested by bear biologists, wildlife specialists and individuals who have been involved in confrontation with bears and field testing.

Why Is a Minimum of Six Seconds Important?
  • In case there is more than one bear, such as mother bear with mature cubs, each one may be charging from different directions.
  • More than one bear at a fresh kill site.
  • Wind may reduce distance. Rain and cold weather.
  • More than one charge from a bear.
  • More than one encounter.
  • Reserve for hiking out.
Why Is a Minimum of 25 Feet Important?
  • Bears can charge at speeds up to 30+ mph. They need sufficient time to change from a contact charge to a bluff charge.
  • If a bear is going to charge more than once, it creates a barrier zone for the bear to have to reenter.
  • Wind may reduce the distance. If a can is capable of spraying 25 feet, it may be reduced to 15 or 18 feet, but a can that only sprays 18 feet may be reduced to 8 or 9 feet of coverage.
There are many types of ways that bears confront people. The three most common encounter scenarios where the suggested 25 foot spray range will be most beneficial are:
  • A sudden close encounter defensive charge from 15-25 feet.
  • A full defensive charge from more than 50 feet away.
  • A gradual continuous approach (curious, predatory, defensive to determine what and who you are).
**This item must be shipped ground in the continental U.S. only. We are not permitted to ship it to any address in the state of Wisconsin; as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and anywhere outside of the USA.

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Can you tell me if the 8.1 oz bear deterrent spray with holster is a “single use” item or if it is for multiple uses?
The 8.1 oz bear spray has 7.2 seconds of spray. That is if you hold the tab down continously. Normally, you would use 1 to 2 second bursts, so if you fired the can for 2 seconds, you would still have 5 seconds of spray left. The can stops sprays if you let go of the actuator tab. So in answer to your question, it can be for multiple uses as long as you don't empty the can in the first use.

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