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Conditioning Your Dog to a MUZZLE

Description: Conditioning a dog to a muzzle can be a difficult task. The methods I show in this DVD will work for police service dogs or the family pet. We do it with markers - so if you are not familiar with marker training I suggest that you visit the article I wrote on that subject.



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Thanks for providing this video. I need to train our Mal to wear a muzzle to go to the vet and showing how to acclimate the dog step by step is invaluable. It will hopefully make a negative experience something that is positive. I plan to watch it to review the steps as we progress.

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After watching this video, i followed it exactly as cindy did it, and my dog took to it like a duck to water, thanks so much for helping me get my dog used to her new muzzle, we're still on taking the treats from the muzzle but she can't wait to stick her head in there to get them, the marker system really gets results, genius!