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Competition Heeling with Tom Rose

04-24-2010 -- 1 Hour, 52 Minutes

This video is my old TRAINING A COMPETITION HEELING DOG, which was produced back in the 1990s.

When I produce new DVDs that replace older DVDs, many of which I produced 15 and 20 years ago, I stream the old training videos for free on my web site.

The reason for this is important (and this is my opinion), I believe new trainers not only need to learn the latest concepts in how to train their dogs but they must also have a feel for how dog training used to be done.

When they have a feel for the old ways they can make better decisions on how they want to train their dog today. If they seek help from local training instructors or training clubs they are going to have a better idea of the qualifications for that instructor or club they will know IS THIS OLD SCHOOL TRAINING or IS THIS PERSON OR CLUB USING THE CURRENT TRAINING METHODS.

Now me streaming these old videos most certainly doesn't mean that the people I did videos with 20 year ago are still training the same way today. They don't. When I stream these old videos, it is not a slam against those I have done videos with, I still consider them my friends.

The art of learning how to train dogs never ends and anyone who thinks otherwise has an ego problem or lacks experience. Now the reason I am streaming this old video is because I recently produced a new 4 hour DVD with Michael Ellis tiled FOCUSED HEELING. The foundation of all Michael's work is marker training, some people will call it clicker training but we don't use clickers, we use our voice to mark correct behavior.

Using operant conditions to train dogs wasn't being done when this video was produced. So with this said, lets watch TRAINING A COMPETITION TRAINING DOGS, the old DVD is 1 hour and 51 minutes.

The image quality of this streaming video is nowhere near the quality it was when it was originally filmed. It is also nowhere near the quality of our current Leerburg training DVDs.

Many of the older dog shows and competitions were not encoded into a computer format until the video tapes were 20 to 25 years old. Over the years, the image quality of video tape deteriorates. These older dog shows are being offered for their historical significance. That's why we are streaming videos for its current price which originally sold for up to $100.00.

These videos are no longer offered on DVDs.

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