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Hard Surface Tracking

01-01-2008 -- 1 Hour, 12 Minutes, 1 Second

This video deals with hard surface tracking (HST). In this video, you are going be able to see what can be accomplished with the right dog and the right training. The dogs in this video were filmed at the Nunspeet and Rotterdam Police Dog Schools in Holland. The instructors in these two schools are some of the best trainers in the world at hard surface tracking.

Handlers that have never trained or never seen a good hard surface tracking dog are going to see some excellent tracking dogs in this tape. Not all of the dogs are fully trained dogs so you will be able to see the work of partially trained dogs. These dogs can be used as the standard to compare your own dog to.

I hesitate to call this a training video. The reason I say that is because I almost feel that hard surface tracking is an art form and not a science that can be easily learned. The dogs that do this work are the best of the best. I feel I can point out the basics of how the Dutch Police do this work but the essence of the training lies in selecting the right dog for the work and developing the bond and experience to work together as a team.

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