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The Power of Training Dogs with Food

01-09-2012 -- 2 Hours, 7 Minutes, 14 Seconds

The first DVD we produced in our series of DVDs with Michael Ellis was The Power of Training Dogs with Food. The video footage for that DVD came from a number of Michael's training seminars that were held here at Leerburg and other locations around the country.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new and updated version of The Power of Training Dogs with Food.

This new video was filmed entirely in HD. We did not use any of the video footage from the original DVD. In addition, the new DVD was produced from a totally new training outline and layout.

This project has been in the works for more than a year. We flew out to CA and filmed one of Michael's courses and then Michael flew to Wisconsin to finish the filming for the new outline.

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Music WAY TOO LOUD- it really ruins something great for absolutely no reason or advantage to anybody! It turns a 5 star presentation into a 1 star DVD. Michael Ellis is amazing in this DVD. It is incredibly well thought out, organized, and clear. Awesome mix of Michael's inspiring demonstrations mixed with other handlers that have a nice range of abilities and experience. What's wrong is only one thing- but it is a very big thing. The musical interludes are way too loud. The volume of the general content exists on one plain and then the music blasts. The music is too loud relative to the moments when Micheal is well miked and talking to the camera. You're listening and learning then blast. Then later in the video during demonstrations, the volume needs to be much higher to hear some great work Michael is doing with other handlers. His in the moment verbal refinements in the wall exercise are so insightful and clear, AND THEN BLAST. The music doesn't just need to be a little lower, it needs to be lower on an order of 10. It would be so much better if there were a few complaints that the music was too low. But this problem seems to exist in other Leerburg videos online. The tragedy here is that it ruins something so great and that I want to watch over and over. So why do I have to be blasted over and over again. Seriously if you want to watch this more than once you better live alone. By the end of the first viewing everyone at home has asked me not to watch it again while they are there. And the only reason is the ludicrous volume of music. WHY WHY WHY


This is in my opinion,is one of the best training videos I have ever seen. This is a must see for all dog owners and trainers. Have watched this at least five times, and each time, I picked up something new I missed during previous views. My next one will be the new tugging video. Great job!


Excellent!!!! Having purchased numerous videos from Leerburg, they have hit the mark once again. The Michael Ellis series is nothing less than exceptional. The only thing that could make this any better would be attending the Ellis school and having the DVDs as a back up!


This DVD is excellent. One of the best things about this DVD is that there is no wasted space. The teaching follows a logical progression of theory and exercise. Every aspect is taught clearly and Michael Ellis is professional, wise and highly effective in delivering the information. The video moves along covering the information in an interesting and engaging way. It's also very helpful to see multiple dogs and multiple people performing the techniques and receiving instruction. At times students are shown performing a technique incorrectly and this is very helpful. It shows how the very small mistakes they make affect the dogs body and undermine what they are attempting to achieve. This is priceless as these mistakes would be hard to spot in myself if I hadn't seen Michael correct them in others on the video.

In a nutshell this video delivers everything you need to know to get started effectively training your dog to do basically whatever you would like. The principles are shown and the progression of thought is displayed in a manner that teaches the observant how to take these principles and use them as a spring board forward. This DVD will get you started in the way of basic obedience and then much more.

I am completely impressed with the DVD and will be purchasing those that are its companion like "The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog." Many thanks to the team at Leerburg for producing such fine material.


What a huge improvement! I did enjoy the prior video, but the audio was less than clear and sometimes hard to understand.

I hope a remake of focused healing is in the near future also. Great job guys! As for Michael Ellis, his theory and methods are bar none, the best! Would like to see some of his seminars in Florida though. Thank you all for helping us become better trainers.


An Epic Video! Best video I have seen from Leerburg ever! Finally a polished video right up there with Ivan Balabanov's obedience without conflict or any other canine training systems video from Europe.

This video is historic in preserving in detail the many precise body motions Michael Ellis uses in the very first steps at training a dog. And we even get to see Forrest in straw hat! YES!

Can you guys make all your videos like this? This is an epic milestone for Leerburg!


I have almost worn out the original DVD on training with food. This new DVD on training with food is perfect compliment to the original and together I think they make a great package. I would advise anyone interested in Michael Ellis' teachings to get both. In the first DVD you see a lot of different types of handlers but in the new DVD you get to see a wider variety of types of dogs. Well done guys! I also like the organization in this new DVD and the fancy stuff that I'm sure Jeff put in.


Video was really specific with attention to detail. Very useful. What is the next video to watch where our competition dogs are weaned off food completely :)

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