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Most Popular Questions - Users Found These Most Helpful
What's the shipping stress on a new puppy? I'm getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.
I have a two month old puppy that has no treat or enough toy drive, thus I can't do luring, crate training, etc. Any advice please?
I am a graveyard electrician and I do most of the training and exercising with our puppy. The pup wakes at 2-3am when I get home and is instantly in full "drive" and the results of training her at this time have been phenomenal. But I do not know how healthy this is for her physically and mentally. Any suggestions?
My 13 month old dog challenged me by not giving up his bone. I picked him up by the pinch collar & held him off the ground til he dropped it. Was this the best way to handle it?
Is it a bad idea to give my puppy beef bones with baby teeth?
Any suggestions to curb/minimize barking behavior other than ignoring the behavior?
I recently watched the Dr. Becker video about early spay & neuter and had some additional questions.
What is the difference between Educator collars and other e-collars?
I have an 11 month old GSD that hasn’t been socialized much. He is too old for the puppy video you have and was wondering is it too late to train him for good socialization skills?
When using an electric collar is it OK to have other collars on my dog?
Our small dog is very aggressive and has bitten several family members. He runs after family members with teeth bared and acts like a wild animal. A trainer came to our home and when the dog attacked him, he held him up off the ground by the leash until he passed out. Our dog was really aggressive and did bite him but was this extreme in your opinion?
My new Malinois puppy will not stop barking/whining and crying in the crate, she chews on the bars and throws a tantrum. I've had her for 2 days and 2 nights, do you have any suggestions?
The prong collar is rubbing on my dog's fur creating a fur divot. What can I do to fix this?
Our latest trainer instructed us to muzzle and alpha roll our dog twice a day as a dominance exercise. Should we stop doing this?
My dog is overly friendly and wants to say hi to everyone she sees. I want to compete in obedience with her, how many times a day should I work on engagement to see a difference in her behavior?
My 11 month old GSD lays down on the ground and refuses to get up when it's time to get in the car. Today she mouthed me hard when I tried to pick her up. Help!
We have a adopted a beautiful dog that likes to bite other people. We need help selecting a muzzle.
I was wondering what you guys think of using one certain piece of equipment just for nosework that tells the dog when you wear this you are working. I've heard guide dog and tracking people say that they only use a particular harness when the dog is working and they get the idea that when they put that one thing on it's time to go to work. What do you think?
My young adult dog is targeting the end of the hard sleeve where the jute has no area of hard casing under it. Is there a way to soften a hard sleeve?
My dog bites at my hand & feet and jumps a lot. How can I get rid of these behaviors?


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