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Q&A on Puppy Training
Our 11 month old embarrasses me by humping me or even family members. How do we deal with this?
My 11 month old dog gets what we call the zoomies. He tucks his butt and runs around like he's nuts. Why does he do this and what should I do about it?
My pup eats everything... toys, socks, underwear. We try to keep things picked up but he still finds them. What can we do?
Our 8 week old puppy is a voracious eater and is growling and guarding his food. Should we correct him for this?
My fiance and I just adopted a 3 month old pup. We live in a small condo and he's barking non stop and peeing in the apartment, soiling his crate. Can we leave him outside all day? My fiance wants to return him, what should we do?
My 4 month old puppy submissively urinates whenever he gets excited. I thought with training & confidence this would go away, should I give him treats every time he doesn’t pee?
Should I let my dog interact more with the neighbors because of the contact they will have, especially the person who may look after him from time to time if something happens or he needs to be looked after for a night if I am traveling?
Any suggestions to curb/minimize barking behavior other than ignoring the behavior?
I am a graveyard electrician and I do most of the training and exercising with our puppy. The pup wakes at 2-3am when I get home and is instantly in full "drive" and the results of training her at this time have been phenomenal. But I do not know how healthy this is for her physically and mentally. Any suggestions?
Is it a bad idea to give my puppy beef bones with baby teeth?
My dog barks obsessively in his crate when I take my other dog out. Any suggestions on what I can do?
How do you reward your dog if they offer a behavior before luring/gesturing?
My puppy pees in the crate when we leave for errands even though he knows to sit by the door when he needs to go potty.
I have a stubborn puppy who refuses to walk on the lead. Is it just his age? Is he genuinely too young and scared of the outside world? Or is he playing on my love and gullibility?
How much exercise can a 5 month old puppy handle?
My 5 month old dog won’t allow us to put his collar on without running away or trying to snap at us. What can we do?
I currently have 6 dogs and I'm bringing in a Mal pup. Any advice on helping introduce him correctly to the pack?
I’ve been reading some of your Q&As about puppies. I have to tell you that you are so right that a pup being attacked by another dog can have dire consequences.
We're worried about our new GSD puppy injuring our Yorkie. Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Is it unrealistic to think that at some point the GSD can be taught to be careful with the Yorkie?
How do we handle our pup in the ExPen when we aren't training and she is crying and jumping to get out? Also, we have to go back to work soon, what's your recommendation on how to leave her?

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