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I've been working on retraining the retrieve for 2 weeks and my dog still chews and pounces on the dumbbell. I have been following the instruction in Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis. How do I address these issues?
I bought the Michael Ellis retrieve video to work on my dog's habit of chewing and pouncing on the dumbbell. I've been working on this for 2 weeks and I'm not seeing any changes. How should I address these issues?
I have been working on the retrieve and the send away and now when I throw the dumbbell, my female runs out and touches it (like the send away) and wants to come back for her tug reward without the dumbbell. Any input would be appreciated.
I have a 3 year old Sheltie that has an obedience CDX and am working towards a Utility Title and maybe an OTCH. Does your method of training help a breed of dog like mine achieve the type of results I have seen on your web site?
What is the best sequence to train using the Michael Ellis DVDs?
I'm taking a Rally class and they recommended using a thin leash. I like the Leerburg Leather Leashes, so do you have a leash that would fit my needs?
I'm training my dog in competitive obedience and he has always listened very well until recently encountering a female coming into season. It ruined our entire training session. Can you advise any training tips to help with this problem?
I taught my GS to come and sit in front of me with a treat in my hands in front of me. I'm trying to teach her with my hands to the side now, but she keeps sitting off to the side. Please help.
Would your heeling DVD be appropriate for a toy dog?
My dog eats really fast. Is that ok and is it safe?
I want to give my dog supplements to keep him healthy. Would you recommend? Something with calcium for his bones or what kind of vitamin would you suggest?
My young dog is very focused on the sleeve, even when it’s on the ground. He will go for the sleeve even when I have given him corrections. What can I do?
I'm trying to get my dog to look at me when we do the heal and it just isn't working. Any suggestions?
One of the helpers took my dog out at 7 months and brought out his defense. Did this ruin my dog?
I am confused about is what is causing the dogs to go for the bite during the bark and hold. Is the handler giving the command?
What is the youngest one should put a pup on a helper?
I’m trying to get my dog to heel and I’m stuck! He’ll sit and look at me and when I move forward he stays where he is.
My dog has his CDX title and when I take him in the trial ring, he loses all focus. He’s great in training. Do you have any ideas?
I have a question on the leash pressure section in 'Focused Heeling'
I've been working my 17 week old GSD pup on eye contact while heeling but he's not doing it all the time especially when we are moving. What should I do different?


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