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Q&A with Ed Frawley About a Dog that Pees in Bed

Posted: 10-09-2013 • Length: 4 Minutes, 6 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience
A question about a dog that pees in bed answered by Ed Frawley.

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5/5 stars

Excellent advice and information as always. Love your website and all the great information you share. People need to listen to you and follow your instructions!

5/5 stars

You always have good advice; we often forget to use common sense with our pets and allow the emotions to sometimes rule. Just as you said - don't leave them unattended or loose unless you are right there watching them. Today, I allowed my well behaved, house broken 8 month old red nose pit bull to have the freedom to come and go through the patio door to the kitchen/family room, as I have frequently done since being trained. I usually always check on him every 10 minutes or so making sure he doesn't get into any trouble. I went to check on him after an hour or so (getting ready for work) I was quickly reminded that he's still a puppy and didn't like being isolated from me for that length of time. He ate through my wool Oriental runner rug with fibers every where! He follows me everywhere and wants to be involved in everything I am doing; doesn't leave my side. To me, this was a spiteful act to tell me not to leave him closed off from me. This was my wake up call, even though I always feel badly to have to crate him when I cannot watch him; it's for his own safety and the protection of our home. Common sense gone awry and lesson learned. He destroys all his toys eventually, (we are waiting for our order of your "indestructible frisbee"), but he has been very good about not destroying anything in the home. Trust him no more - I don't like being angry with him for something that was truly my fault.