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Loose Leash Walking in the City

Posted: 12-18-2013 • Length: 12 Minutes, 27 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Basic Obedience
Ed Frawley answers a question from a customer who lives in New York City and is having some problems with loose leash walking. This person has gone through several trainers with no results. In this short video, Ed will explain a few different things that could cause this, as well as several things that they could do to work through the problem.

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5/5 stars

We too live in NYC and found this video to be very helpful. We use a prong collar and carry a treat bag. My girl loves her tennis ball and treats. We went through several puppy classes and trainers until we finally found the right one. We have trained IPO/Schutzhnd for 1 year and that has helped a lot with all aspects of obedience. Thank you for your video.

4/5 stars

Hi, Mr. Frawley, thanks for the wealth of information you all share. I so enjoy your site and have learned many things. You have one of the most informative and generous sites I've seen. For the owner in New York who has trouble with loose leash walking, I thought you might mention one of your stock tools; put the dog on leash all the time in the house. Work back to good behavior on leash indoors and then gradually move it to the outdoors. Best wishes to you all. Linda