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Aggressive Shelter Dog

Posted: 01-27-2014 • Length: 11 Minutes, 22 Seconds
Categories: Aggression
In this question and answer, Ed Frawley helps out a Leerburg customer who adopted a "dog selective" dog from the Humane Society. This customer wants to do what is best for the dog, to provide a good life, and fit into her home. However, she got some bad advice on what to do with the dog. In this short video, Ed will give a few other options to try to control or manage the dog aggression.

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5/5 stars

I rescued a shelter dog, where I am also a volunteer. Your help is invaluable. I have experienced some difficulties with my girl, and your information has enlightened me and given me solutions--something I have not found elsewhere, even with my involvement in rescue organizations and with the humane society. Thanks you so much for all that you do, and by providing resources that are free and available to everyone. You provide a wonderful service!!

5/5 stars

I have to admit that even though I have far less experience with dog training then you do. I seem to have the same style and thinking that you and Mike have. Might be a natural. I do have an MS in behavior sciences and would like to point out that the reason I love science is that we ofter have support for both sides of the case especial in complex behavior such as punishment, coercion and learning. Even if I land on your side of this, I am reluctant to recommend "correction" to a client due to the necessary knowledge required for proper use of these techniques. If used incorrectly we both know they can complicate the problem that we are trying to solve. Thank you for taking your time to correct some "popular" beliefs about how to modify dog behavior. Maybe you would be kind enough to share some of this scientific research with me. Being a true scientist I have a very open mind.

Thank you
Motley and Jeau

5/5 stars

This explanation is about 10 minutes long. Think of that... you have 10 minutes with a professional who has handled and trained a lifetime of dogs. Every person with a shelter dog (whether as an adopter, foster home, or rescue group volunteer) should listen to and learn the explanations in this video. I live in a state capitol and I am not aware of anyone in this area with the level of expertise Mr. Frawley shares (remember he is associated with a top competitor of high-drive dogs ... Michael Ellis). Study this FREE video from a real expert and do not listen to the speculation of ignorant people, however well-meaning they may be. Listen to an expert who is CORRECT in what he explains.

I have driven accident-free since I was 15 years old because I started with driver training class and applied what I learned and have common sense (do not speed, drive drunk, etc.). But I cannot fix a transmission problem ! I could go to classes to learn what tools and methods are used to fix a transmission... but why not hire a pro to do it? In this video you have a professional who can 'fix your dog' but he cannot help you physically. But he does explain what to do on video and you must search for a qualified trainer to help you along as you read, listen, and think through the help that is offered here.

I have already used methods and information offered here and in some of the available (at modest cost) videos to boost my knowledge as I help in dog rescue. And it has saved me from some dog bites, helped settle down rowdy or confused dogs in shelters, and has allowed me to show others who see my FaceBook posts how to get all this free education from Leerburg. I hope others will do the same and this particular free video is a really good place to start if one is a rescue volunteer or adopter of a rescue dog.