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Basic Dog Obedience Online Course Overview

Posted: 02-03-2014 • Length: 24 Minutes, 47 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Leerburg Training Videos
If I was going to take an online course in any subject, I would want to know exactly what that course was going to teach me. By that, I mean I would want to know more than just the title of the course. I had that criterion in mind when I produced this video on my Basic Dog Obedience course.

My Basic Obedience course is 6 weeks long. Each week is divided into a number of segments. The course has over 150 short videos that cover the most important aspects of learning how to train a family pet. These vary in time from 30 seconds up.

I have also included the streaming version of our 4-hour DVD titled Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet (which sells separately for $40.00) and the streaming version of our 3 1/2-hour DVD titled The Power of Training Dogs with Markers (which also sells separately).

This course is designed for people who are new dog owners and have never trained a dog before, as well as for those who have owned a dog for years but now find it's time to learn how to do a better job training their dog.

The course can also be recommended for people who work at Humane Societies or shelters, or people who want to start a dog training business and are looking for a way to start learning the nuts and bolts of dog training.

In our opinion, students can learn a great deal from our online course, far more than they can learn from a DVD. But with this said, we still recommend that students get hands-on instruction under the tutelage of an instructor like Michael Ellis or others who share our philosophy on dog training in a balanced reward-based system.

I produced my first Basic Dog Obedience video (VHS) back in 1982. Since then, I have updated the material in the videos and DVDs 7 or 8 times. The online course is a culmination of 32 years of work. It is very good. We have gone through a Beta testing program with 25 students from around the world and got excellent reviews.

Read the detailed outline for this course.

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5/5 stars

Wow. Simply, wow. My search for organized, quality, serious, thoughtful, and effective dog training instruction is over. I am absolutely over the moon to have found Leerburg and cannot wait to begin the journey of a life-long customer.