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Bite Work in the Snow

Posted: 02-27-2014 • Length: 3 Minutes, 3 Seconds
Categories: Protection Work, Training Equipment, Working/Sport Dog Training
Last week we had the pleasure of working with our good friend, Forrest Micke, to produce a 3 part series of online training courses titled, The Heeler's Toolbox. After 3 long days of filming we decided it was time to take a break and blow off some steam. This video is the result of that break.

We have accumulated 58.9 inches of snow fall here in Wisconsin this winter. With the help of Mark Keating filling in as our cameraman, we ventured out into the arctic to do a little bite work in 4 feet of snow. Working dogs in that much snow proved to be much more physically demanding for both the decoy and the dog than we had expected, but we still had a blast playing in the snow.

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5/5 stars

Great video! Love the bite from behind!!!!

5/5 stars

You can tell Elzer is just loving this... the footage is beautiful. LOVE HIM SCOOPING SNOW IN THE DOGS FACE

5/5 stars

We had a blast watching you all. Might as well enjoy the snow till it goes away!