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The Heeler's Toolbox

Posted: 02-28-2014 • Length: 2 Minutes, 35 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience
Last week we began production on a three part series with Forrest Micke titled "The Heeler's Toolbox." All three courses will be offered as fully interactive courses on Leerburg Online University, as well as in DVD format. We wrapped up the filming on the first course last week and plan to have it released in mid-April.

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5/5 stars

cool, It has been an Epic winter here. I have been doing marker training on my CK GSD, She tore her ACL and has been in therapy until last week. I have the DVD on heeling so she is starting very late 1 year plus. She has been very hard to train, if it was not for the marker training & food drive she would be a real problem!! I have a SCH1 on my male GSD, I used good old fashioned yank & crank because the people I trained with (teaching method) ended up with a dog that heels off my knees. My 6th GSD, my 1st for IPO. The female I have thinks leash pressure means attack & bite!!!! So your programs work great for her!!! My male is a very easy going male, I still feel bad, he would of scored much higher with positive training. Needless to say I now train with people that use your methods


5/5 stars

informative, precise and to the point, good use of video clips to show what can be achieved through education both dog and handlers, another good reason to enroll on the leerburg university programme.