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4 Hour Old Puppies Nursing

Posted: 03-20-2014 • Length: 42 Seconds
Categories: Breeding
We welcomed our Malinois "F" litter born on March 19, 2014. All 4 girls and 3 boys are doing well. Mother is Endeavor du Loups du Soleil MR 1 (owned by Cindy Rhodes & Forrest Micke) and dad is Escobar du Cote Obscur FR 3 (owned by Chad Hunter). All puppies are reserved.

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5/5 stars

Congratulations on your new litter. They look healthy and happy. I will be welcoming my 2014 litter of Standard Wire Dachshunds in the next 2 days...all will be raw fed and no vaxx! Can't wait!! All puppies are also reserved.

5/5 stars

They are just beautiful. Good job on making the breed better.

5/5 stars

I'm not a video critic; BUT I can tell everyone that my 2 Moms and our Stud Pal Man were eagerly searching for THEIR newest litter up behind the computer screen where the speaker is located! The soundtrack is perfectly reporting the cries of a strong, well delivered new litter. For the dogs here at my house; it is alarming and irresistible to hear the cries of these brand new puppies. Dams, most maiden [females], and even an experienced, socialized sire respond with a unique ear and head set to these neonatal sounds. Their necks are especially arched and taught, ears pricked unusually forward, noses twitching while their bodies move unerringly and with determination to that sound. This is a natural fix for finding/ helping a puppy who has somehow gotten too far from Mom or perhaps been carried off (in the wild). For the first few weeks a healthy litter kept at the correct temperature, on proper substrate; and being well mothered (kept clean, fed and content) will make, as a group, the sounds of a peaceful bee's nest. One should never hear wailing or crying from the litter. It is cause for alarm and quick action on the breeder's part!

4/5 stars

Awesome looking pups.. great size, look nice, and healthy.. .and a loving momma too.


5/5 stars

How sweet and innocent - looks like a caring mom!

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