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Using Dog Parks to Proof Obedience with Michael Ellis

Posted: 05-22-2014 • Length: 2 Minutes, 9 Seconds
Categories: Management, Michael Ellis
Dog parks can be dangerous but they can serve a purpose. We use dog parks as distractions in order to proof our obedience exercises. In this video, Michael Ellis demonstrates how to utilize dog parks for this without putting his dog in harm's way. Watch as Michael works his dog, Pi, on positions and heeling while 2 dogs are running and fence fighting right inside the park. Michael never goes inside the dog park, instead he stays outside the fence and uses the other dogs to proof his obedience through distractions.

For more information on why we do not recommend using dog parks for anything else check out this article written by Ed Frawley titled Why Dog Parks are a Bad Idea.

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5/5 stars

Is this from an upcoming video? Great work.

5/5 stars

That's what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks, some dog owners ask me why I don't let my dog in the Park, well I go on to explain the reasons you mentioned in this video. Thanks for reaffirming my training exercise!

5/5 stars

AWESOME!!! TOTAL FOCUS, you can tell Pi listens for the other dogs, but that his total engagement is... Michael, that takes trust too. You can tell the woman with her dogs was watching... intrigued by what she was seeing.... Especially since she called her dogs and they totally ignored her. Great Job.... Michael and Pi !!!!

5/5 stars

I operate my own business that involves dog training. I have been impressed by this and other videos on the page.
I am constantly picking up new ideas as well as confirming my methods are on the right track. There is a lot of bunk in the dog training industry. Every trainer has their own opinions and methods, but when it comes to dog training it is awful hard to argue with what Leerburg does. Using the exterior of a dog park is brilliant. Wished I had of thought of it!

I will be sure to use this method and equally sure to tell people about the site I got it from.

Keep up the good work!

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