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Puppy Bite Development with Michael Ellis & Favor

Posted: 08-06-2014 • Length: 6 Minutes, 2 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis, Protection Work, Puppies, Working/Sport Dog Training
In this short session, Michael is introducing the foundation skills 11 week old Favor will need to prepare her for a career in protection sports. Favor's parents are Endeavor du Loups du Soleil MR1 (owned by Forrest Micke) and Escobar du Cote Obscur FR3 (owned by Chad Hunter).

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5/5 stars

I really appreciate these short clips as they give me insight into the direction I need to be talking with my helper at club about. Thank You!

5/5 stars

Great video clip. I really enjoyed watching this. Such a calm firm bite. It really is great to watch Michael work with these young pups. This one I can just see the bright future. Very impressive! Thanks