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Touch Pad Progression with Mark Keating

Posted: 01-26-2015 • Length: 4 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Categories: Mark Keating, Puppies
Touch pads are a ton of fun for young dogs who are just starting to learn communication systems and how much fun training can actually be. They also have huge applications later on in our advanced obedience exercises. We recently released a video with Mark Keating explaining how we train touch pads, along with a few reasons why we use them. In this second video, Mark explains how we progress from an elevated touch pad, such as a rubber feeding tub, down to something that lies flat on the ground.

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5/5 stars

I think it would be nice if Leerburg would fabricate and sell touch pad buckets with removable tops that snap on to the top and can be removed for advanced training so that the unit could be bought as a complete training aid.

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