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Overcoming Imperfect Situations with Michael Ellis

Posted: 01-29-2015 • Length: 7 Minutes, 36 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
As dog trainers we often find ourselves in an imperfect situation. This may be walking down the street with a reactive dog or not having high value food rewards on us when something goes wrong. In this particular video, Michael Ellis answers a question from one of his students about his new dog who is having problems going into the crate. The student is afraid of the side effects that can be caused when using negative punishment in this situation. However, as Michael will explain, dog trainers need to learn how to think on their feet and learn to work outside the box from time to time.

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5/5 stars

Good theory and practices for different environments.

5/5 stars

He is OH SO right, we can only control so much of our & our dogs' environment, short of anything else all we can do is keep a cool head & do our best to get around "THOSE" MOMENTS!

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