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Swat & K-9s Interacting During Deployment School

Posted: 02-27-2015 • Length: 3 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Categories: Police and Military K9
SKIDDS, or Swat & K-9s Interacting During Deployment School, is a 3 day course for K9 handlers to develop the necessary skill sets in order to communicate and work effectively with their swat team counterparts. The course covers everything from building search tactics, shooting, tracking, and moving as a team with a K9. Throughout the course, students were put into realistic training scenarios that teach K9 Handlers and Swat team members to work together as a cohesive team.

Leerburg was fortunate to be able to film the training during a SKIDDS class in Green Bay, WI last Fall. We would like to thank the instructors Brad Smith, Kevin Sheldahl, Ken Pavlick, and Chris Deacon for allowing us to film the course.

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4/5 stars

Totally love the SKIDDS video!! Thank you for posting. Awesome. I especially like the dogs-eye view with the go-pro camera on the dog. I hope you get to produce more of them. As always you all do an awesome job. Thank you for your dedication to dog care and training. ...Pam :-)

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