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The Flip Finish in Heeling with Forrest Micke

Posted: 03-30-2015 • Length: 3 Minutes, 49 Seconds
Categories: Forrest Micke
Monday, April 6th marks the next start date for our interactive Heeler's Toolbox I, beginner class. The Heeler's Toolbox is a 3 part series of online courses taught by Forrest Micke. The beginner class is going to lay the ground work for the behaviors that Forrest is demonstrating in this video, which was taken from the advanced course.

Heeling is a behavior that is taught in pieces and then put back together to form a final product. The Flip Finish being demonstrated in this video is a prime example of that. The skills that go into this finish start with the foundation work taught in the first course. By the time students work through to the advanced course, their dogs will have all of the necessary skill sets to create this finished behavior.

The Heeler's Toolbox is offered as 3 interactive online courses. Interactive courses have a few features that set them apart from any other online training program available. Our interactive courses allow for a hands on approach to online dog training. Through features such as student video uploads, Leerburg is able to put Forrest Micke directly into your living room or back yard. Students are able to upload videos directly from their smart phone or tablet into the course. Forrest will then review and provide feedback on the training in the student videos. This allows students to listen to the instructor’s advice, re-watch their video, and fine tune their skills.

Along with student video uploads, interactive courses have a weekly live chat session. This allows students to talk with Forrest and ask any questions about that week’s material in a real time setting. If students are unable to attend live chats, they will be recorded and posted back into the weekly discussion forums. The discussion forums will also be monitored by Forrest which provides a great place to ask any questions that did not come up in the live chat.

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5/5 stars | 14 ratings

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5/5 stars

Nicely broken down to make it easy to understand and apply.

5/5 stars

Great! Will be one of my next courses, as soon as I think, my dogs have a solid foundation. Christina

5/5 stars

Great video otherwise!

Will help beginners with a correct finish!

5/5 stars

Really enjoy your videos. You are able to truly explain how to break a behavior into parts and put it back together into the finished product. We will definitely be enrolling in another course once we finish the Engagement course.

Shawna and George
A Zen Dog Training

5/5 stars

An elegant method of teaching the flip finish, superbly done through backchaining. The dog is given every opportunity to succeed and to increase her confidence in the work. Mr. Micke is a consummate trainer and instructor, a pleasure to watch and learn from. Looking forward to The Heeler's Toolbox II & III.

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