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Crate Games with Josh Moran

Posted: 08-03-2015 • Length: 3 Minutes, 35 Seconds
Categories: Management
In this short video, Josh Moran will give you a few fun tricks to get your dog to want to go in and out of his or her crate. This is a very useful and necessary skill for all dog owners.

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5/5 stars

Exellent work,,,,if we humans make things we ask of our dogs to do & behaviors we prefer FUN,,,chances are they will oblige! i have crated my dogs for yrs. NEVER had a dog not LOVE his/her crate!! nice vid!!!!

5/5 stars

Great video - thanks.

5/5 stars

Great video. Love to see Josh working with the small dogs. I have done this process with my three Westies and they all enjoy hanging out in their crates now. They also have great drive for going back into their crates when told to do so!

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