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Soft Grip Leash Sale

Posted: 03-11-2016 • Length: 2 Minutes, 29 Seconds
Categories: Misc

Our Soft Grip Leashes are now on sale for 25%-40% off! We had a mix-up in shipment, and these leashes are made with a smoother material than regular Biothane that we prefer to use. Given the fact that these are not made of Biothane, these leashes will not hold up as strong in extreme weather conditions as our other Amish-made leashes. You may want to purchase with caution if you live in an area where it gets to below freezing or extremely hot temperatures. All soft grip leash purchases are non-refundable.


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5/5 stars

The more I see Jeff Frawley as a presenter, the better I like him. He is a polished pro by now and these leashes in 6' are ideal. I have an orange Biothane leash in 6' and have used it 5 years. Every time I have it at a dog adoption event or handling a dog, people remark about it or ask about it. I stress to them that it always feels the same : pliable, super strong (stronger than leather), just enough friction to grip easily, color-fast, inexpensive, and can be washed with water in seconds. To me, it's the best leash I ever found.... and I made 6' leather ones from horse rein material and brass fittings. the Biothane leashes in 6' are ideal for training and walking, and general handling.