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Omni K9 Gear Covered Prong Collars

Posted: 04-18-2016 • Length: 1 Minute, 59 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment

Omni K9 Gear covered prong collars are a great way to conceal your prong collar without interfering with mechanics and functionality. Woven with a spine and ribs to bend and stretch with the collar as it pinches and releases, your dog will not lose any level of correction making it as effective as if it were uncovered. This special weave also helps in the prevention of popping links. You will be able to train with confidence knowing that you can safely train and not be judged by using a correction collar so you and your companion can stay positive, focused and successful.

Made with top quality U. S. A. paracord and Herm Sprenger prong collars, Omni K9 Gear takes pride in every handmade piece of equipment and carefully inspects each one to ensure quality for you to train safely and comfortably. There is also a pull tab on the dead ring to grasp easily for quick leash connection.

Prong collars should always be backed up with a dominant dog/slip/choke collar just in case of a loose or popped prong so you don't lose control of your canine companion. They are super strong and available as a prong/slip set or sold separately.

All Omni K9 Gear U. S. A. paracord products are durable, washable, mold & mildew resistant, UV resistant and colors will not run.

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