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Introducing Your Dog to a Crate

Posted: 06-30-2016 • Length: 8 Minutes, 06 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience
In this video, JJ Belcher demonstrates how to introduce a dog to a crate. JJ is demonstrating with Sonny, who is already conditioned to the crate. He gives tips in order for you to succeed with crate-training your dog. What you see with Sonny should be how a trained dog behaves in the crate.

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5/5 stars

This is an excellent video on crate training. I loved the tip about crating the dog while staying at hotels, that's a brilliant idea, and one I plan to implement the next time I travel with my dog. I agree with the previous comment regarding JJ's vocal tone and clarity of the marker, both are very good.

5/5 stars

Love this tutorial on crate training. Calm step by step introduction to a crate which is such an important tool for management and safety of dogs in our daily lives.
JJ uses great vocal tones and makes the marker very clear. Thank you.