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Q&A with Ann Braue

Posted: 07-22-2016 • Length: 3 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Categories: Misc

For those of you involved in the world of Agility training, Ann Braue needs no introduction. However, if you have never competed in Agility, Ann is someone who you should look into. The drive, passion, skills, and ability to teach that she brings to dog training can transfer over into all aspects of training. Her training will serve as an outstanding new tool for trainers from all dog sports and disciplines.

Ann has set the bar high by competing internationally 6 times with her own dogs, both on the US team at the AKC FCI Agility World Championship, as well as being the USA representative at Cruffs. Ann has also been a coach for the US Worlds Agility team 4 times. She is currently in France with the US team. The list of accomplishments and titles here in the US goes on and on. Needless to say, when it comes to agility, Ann Braue is one of the best in the world.

Leerburg was very fortunate to attend Ann Braue’s Puppy Foundations seminar. We have been gathering footage and producing an online course with Ann mirroring her puppy foundations seminar. The more we dive in to the material, the more excited we get about the information we are going to be able to present.

While Ann focuses her training in the Agility ring. Her puppy course is something that every sport dog trainer should have the opportunity to attend. Cindy Rhodes has brought 4 of her last puppies to the same class. While Cindy has never competed in agility she has competed in obedience and a variety of protection sports with dogs who attended this class as puppies. Cindy brings her puppies to Ann’s class regardless of the sport she plans to compete in. The class helps develop a thoughtful problem solving puppy regardless of your ultimate training goals.

This short video was taken during a break in the seminar while students asked questions on a wide range of topics. This specific video tackles the difficult question of when to end a training session if your dog is starting to lose focus, or “check out”.

Hopefully this short little talk with Ann will get you as excited as we are about taking her course in its entirety.

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