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Senior Dogs with Dr. Jodi Bohl

Posted: 11-01-2016 • Length: 28 Minutes, 32 Seconds
Categories: Healthcare and Feeding, Rescue Dogs

With November being Adopt a Senior Dog Month, we thought it would be a good time to sit down with our local veterinarian, Dr. Jodi Bohl, to discuss her experience with senior dogs.

Older dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters. Many people entering a shelter are looking for a young dog with lots of energy and years of life expectancy. However, depending on your home and lifestyle, that young puppy can come with its own set of obstacles. Often a well mannered, low drive senior dog may be the perfect fit for your home.

We were very fortunate to film at Bob's House For Dogs, a local rescue organization. Bob's House is a unique shelter that is set up to mimic a home. The shelter affords the dogs a better quality of life. The dogs are very well managed within the environment, helping with the transition process from shelter to home.

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