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Tug Playing Tips with Mark Keating

Posted: 12-19-2016 • Length: 36 Minutes, 09 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Play
In this episode of Leerburg TV, we work with Mark Keating as he shows proper tug playing techniques. Tug play is important for high levels of drive and is an extremely valuable game. Mark gives us tips on how to create drive in your dog while playing tug and teach the dog that you are a fun game. With Mark's tips, you can teach your dog to play properly and love the tug.

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5/5 stars

great video! Fun to watch both dogs. I learned a lot.

5/5 stars

Really good stuff. Good accompanying video to Michael Ellis's tug DVD. I just wished they had shown the "before" video that the owner sent in to Mark Keating.

5/5 stars

I love this video. I've been secretly letting my dog win at tug for maybe 6 months or so now. I noticed that when she won she became more excited and wanted to play even more. Thank you for putting this idea out there without fear of backlash.

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