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Creating a Feeling in Heel with Forrest Micke

Posted: 01-23-2017 • Length: 3 Minutes, 3 Seconds
Categories: Forrest Micke, Leerburg Online University

Heeler's Toolbox I interactive online class with Forrest Micke starts January 30, 2017. This short video is taken directly from the class.

Forrest is one of the most dynamic dog trainers we have ever had the pleasure of working with, and of course, that energy is transferred directly into his dogs and his training. In this video, Forrest will give a few pointers on how you can add some style or expression into your heeling work. By incorporating this training early on in the heeling process, you will be able to use these techniques throughout your entire training regimen and end up with a dog who noticeably enjoys the work.

This video is one small piece of the pie. This course is a comprehensive look at the foundation training that goes into a successful heeling training plan. Forrest breaks down the behavior of heeling into very small, methodical pieces that will allow you to put together a beautiful finished product in your training. We looking forward to seeing you in class with Forrest next week.

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5/5 stars

Love this quick snippet on heeling,i also Love the way Forrest not only explains very clearly what he is saying ,,,,but proceeds to Demo,so we SEE what he is trying to accomplish,,,VERY Helpfull!!!!

5/5 stars

Looks like a great program.