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Prong Collar Sizing & Styles

Posted: 10-19-2017 • Length: 15 Minutes, 43 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
Jeff Frawley discusses the differences between our wide variety of prong collars and more importantly, how to properly fit a prong collar on your dog. Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a slip collar, and much safer than allowing your dog to pull into a flat collar which can cause permanent damage to the dogs wind pipe. Instead a prong collar tightens, creating a pinching sensation that is instantly released once the dog “yields to the leash” or stops pulling.

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5/5 stars

Very informative. I did not realize there were different styles of the prong collar or that handy leash with the dual ends.

5/5 stars

Thank you! I cannot thank you enough for the best, most informative video on this topic. I have been using a prong for years,but I thought it would be interesting to see a video. I also own the prong collar leash and found that portion of the video most helpful because I always got confused as to which end to attach to the prong and this video cleared that up for me. That was an unexpected added bonus. Thank you. I am a visual person and I love how this video explained everything, including the various choices in collars.
Caron Mittler

4/5 stars

I was always told to have the chain and loop where the leash attaches at the front of the neck...whereas you showed this on the back of the neck. Can you explain why pls?

5/5 stars

Great video Jeff!

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