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Fading the Lure with Jeff Frawley

Posted: 11-02-2017 • Length: 2 Minutes, 29 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Leerburg Online University, Leerburg Training Videos

Once we start adding the command to a position, we can quickly begin fading the lure out of the equation. Fading the lure will vary from dog to dog. Some dogs will require a long gradual process, while others will quickly associate the new verbal command with the position, making the fading process much easier.

It is also important to note that the more positions you train, the faster the association between verbal command and position will occur. There is not a set progression for fading our lures. The concept is to make them shorter and faster until you eventually only use your verbal command.

This is covered in Jeff Frawley's online course and DVD, An Introduction to Dog Training.

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I like to teach hand signals right from the start. I use the signal with food as a lure initially. I quickly remove the food from my hand, mark the correct response and reward. By giving the verbal cue first, immediately followed by the signal, the dogs rather quickly learn to respond to either the verbal cue or the signal.

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