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Training the Place with a Doorbell

Posted: 02-27-2018 • Length: 5 Minutes, 30 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience
For many dogs, the doorbell is a trigger for many unwanted behaviors. Barking, rushing the door and jumping are just a few examples. In this short video, Ryan demonstrates how to begin to teach your dog to go to their bed at the sound of the doorbell. This will help to not only give your dog structure when someone new comes over and begin to eliminate their anxiety or overexcitement, but will also allow you to properly greet your guest without having to hold your dog back as you open the door 6 inches to peak your head out.

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4/5 stars

I really enjoy these short helpful clear and concise videos.

3/5 stars

I noticed that the Hansler turns his body toward the bed before the dog cueing the dog to go to the bed. Is that his intent?