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Preparing a Raw Diet with Irina

Posted: 05-17-2019 • Length: 17 Minutes, 50 Seconds
Categories: Food, Leerburg Training Videos, Mark Keating

Raw diets have actually been around longer historically than any other diet. A raw diet, or sometimes called a barf diet (bones and raw food), is arguably the most natural and healthy diet a dog can eat. Formulas can vary from owner to owner but the recipe will usually consist of various uncooked meat and poultry, whole or ground, organ meat, and fish. Many owners will also supplement at various times of the year with oils, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Some of the advantages to feeding raw are:

  1. A healthier dog overall, with more energy.
  2. Water intake and excrement are decreased by 65%.
  3. Weight management in much easier, keeping lean muscle on with less fat.
  4. Extremely low risk of bloating (condition fairly common amongst dogs who eat kibble, intestinal twisting due to gas or food build-up)

This video is taken directly out of our online course, Housebreaking 101 with Mark Keating.

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