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Fear Period In Young Dogs - Part 1

Posted: 10-20-2008 • Length: 12 Minutes, 29 Seconds
Categories: Aggression, Basic Obedience, Puppies
This is the first in a short series of videos with Michael Ellis, talking at a puppy class in his school in California, about fear periods in dogs and how to counter condition dogs that become nervous over people, places and things in his environment.

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5/5 stars

Excellent information!

5/5 stars

This was an interesting clip. I learned something new regarding the different frames of mind.

5/5 stars

Have a 2yr old male GS with fear aggression trying to work distraction method with him around family members. He is with me around the clock and need him to be more social so family can control him if anything happens to me . Watching Fear parts 1-3 gives me confidences in the direction I am working and will help him at the vet as well. Last visit at vet he felt crowded and tried to put mussel on him, so I will use your method in adapting him to receiving mussel in hopes to make net visit mor productive.

5/5 stars

I have a nearly 5 month old male Belgian Malinois that I have been training using Michael Ellis DVDs. I have managed my puppy's environment very well, so that I did not create a problem. I take my dog with me everywhere. I ride horses, so while I am at the barn he is in a crate, then I will walk him for 3-4 miles. He has a barn buddy that is an older Australian Cattle Dog. The two of them play quite well together. Outside of my house, this has been his only contact with dogs. Suddenly, my dog explodes into a spectacle of lunging and barking when he sees another dog. Out of frustration, I grabbed my treat bag one day and tried working with him. With people, he will calm down and accept food. With dogs - he will not take treats. I know the potential in these dogs and I his future will be doing Schutzund training. I want to be responsible and address this immediately. Thank you so much for these little snippets of wisdom to walk doggy parents through the crazy developmental stages. I love the website and recommend it to others.

5/5 stars

I've been pouring over books & videos trying to understand how to correct both my dog's reaction and my instruction when my dog meets another dog. She's very fearful but very aggressive. She nicked my leg once trying to get at another dog. And I feel like this is the first time someone's explained how to deal with this scenario in a practical, helpful way. I feel like I finally know what to do. So many thanks. Many, many thanks.